TWD: Baking with Julia: White Loaves


Its that time again! I couldn’t be more excited about the start of TWD: Baking with Julia. I have been thinking about, planning out and anxious for this next round of TWD for over a year now. Many emails have flown between myself, Jules, Dorie and a slew of my favorite TWD bakers about how we wanted to tweak this go round. I think we did a handsome job of it. If you have not joined our baking army yet, what are you waiting for? We are 300+ members strong and would love to have you.

Here we go!

The book, Baking with Julia, by the brilliant and ever so sweet Dorie Greenspan. The recipe for this week is White Loaves.

I have bad luck with white bread. I have given it a go several times and always with lackluster results. In fact, I gave it up, until now. I was forced to make this recipe and I am so glad that I was strong armed. This recipe changed my mind. It came out so well on my first try, I made 2 more loaves the following day. I did tweak the recipe the 2nd day by adding a cinnamon swirl* to the dough. To do this, after you have rolled the dough out, put a thin layer of butter on the dough and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, then roll up as instructed. Easy as pie. 🙂

*Old School TWDers- I used the cinnamon swirl recipe from the Raisin Swirl Bread in BFMHTY.

If you are afraid of yeast, or of making your own white bread, don’t be. This recipe is easy to follow and has wonderful results. Jump right in.

Jules is my co-host for the week, please go check out how the bread came out for her. She also has the recipe posted.  And if you are interested in what the TWD Baking Army thought, check out the LYL post on the TWD site. I cannot wait to see all the golden loaves.

Check back in 2 weeks when we make Chocolate Tartlets.