Baking with Julia: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets


I almost did not get this one done. I forced myself into it yesterday, as I was determined to make it through the first month of TWD. I used a combination of bittersweet and milk chocolate to make the batter, chips ahoy, milk chocolate and white chocolate for the mix-ins and put Cadbury mini eggs on top. This could not have been easier to throw together. My children loved this tart. I call that success!

Check out the recipe on our hosts blogs. Steph, Spike, Jessica and Jaime. If you want to see hundreds of tarts, see the LYL post on the TWD website.

Next up: Rugelach

8 thoughts on “Baking with Julia: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

  1. I used Oreo cookies and Andes mints! Loved it! Yours looks so great and festive with the colored eggs. My boys liked it, too! I just made it yesterday, too! Hope to get a move on March soon!

  2. I have a pretty extensive collection of tart pans, but you reminded me that I’m still missing a square one! I love the Cadbury eggs. =) (even if I am a big disturbed by the fact that all the Easter candy was out the day after Valentine’s Day)

  3. Wendy

    Mini-eggs! Genius.
    Paul just informed me the other day that his mom loves mini-eggs. I believe I will be baking with them in the future.

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