Tuesdays with Dorie: Summer Fruit Galette


I made a total mess of the fruit. Apparently, I bought Clingstone nectarines, which do not want to let go of their stone. Some did, some did not. The poor fruit didn’t know what hit it when I got my paws on it. It didn’t have a chance.

The fruit all dressed up in its ever so stylish dough. It looks quite pleased with itself, does it not?

A better view of the galette before its nice toasty sit by the fire.

After its all baked up, the galette took a nice rest on the cool counter.

And then we ate it sliver by sliver.

Wicked good choice this week by Michelle in Colorado Springs. I will be making this galette again. It will work with so many different fruits. I am anxious to give it a go with apples. The custard, which seemed to get the most disapproval on the TWD blog, was absolutely lovely. It added a nice creamy sweetness to the galette. I am glad I did not overfill the galette with fruit so that the custard had a place to snuggle in amongst the halved nectarines.

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30 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Summer Fruit Galette

  1. I hate when I buy cling peaches. They should have a sign on them or something! I definitely want to try this again with the custard–I ended up making it early yesterday morning and wasn’t sure about leaving something custardy out on my counter all day. Your galette looks beautiful!

  2. Your galette looks wonderful! I think I cut my plums up into too small a size….the fruit in yours looks so nicely nestled in the custard šŸ™‚

  3. I totally agree with you about the custard. I almost didn’t add it after reading the thread about it, but then saw your comment and decided to go for it. Thanks for that comment. I really think the custard but this over the top. Your nectarines look so yummy. Thanks for the comment as well about not overfilling with the fruit, that helped me too.

  4. Kelly D

    I used nectarines and had to cut them in thirds. No way could I get them halved with those persistent little pits. We loved it, too and I was definitely thinking apple this fall.

  5. YUMMM…looks sooo good!
    The good thing about galettes, is it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfectly put together, cause it’s supposed to “rustic”…soo its ok if your peaches had a little problem…plus, your galette turned out really good anyway!
    Great job!

  6. that looks so tasty…i have not had a chance to make it but if i feel active tonite i will try because it looks pretty simple and fast!!

  7. Ok so I totally read “cling-on” peaches and was like – Dang! Trekkies must have some clout in the fruit business… LOL. I agree. I LOVED the custard! It wouldn’t be the same deliciousness without it IMO. Great job fearless leader šŸ™‚
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  8. I had the same problem with the nectarine pits, lol! Nasty buggers. Your galette looks absolutely perfect Laurie- I especially love the last photo. Nice job!

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