My Morning Coffee


Okay, first things first.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it is 2010?!?! I cannot. Seems to me that a blink of an eye ago, the world was going to end when the clock turned to 2000. And now its TEN years later. It shocks me how quickly that went by.

Next, lets discuss my blog name. I was sooo over ‘quirky cupcake’. In fact, the sheer name of my blog made me avoid it. I haven’t been into the cupcake game in a very long time. And while I have been keeping up with my Tuesdays with Dorie baking, I never end up posting about them. I should be booted out of my own group. However, since I have not been following the rules, I have not booted anyone else either since February of last year. So, to start a new year, I am changing my blog name. I have chosen the name ‘slush’. Its been my online handle since I became addicted to the internet back in the late 90s. I think it fits my blog, since when I was active with it, it was basically a lot of slush. Fluff about recipes, the Pens, go Pens! and my boys. I’m going to make a conscience effort to bring my blog back to life. I have lots of ideas that got me excited about blogging again. And most of it is total slush.

I bring you, My Morning Coffee.

And with that, I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!

xo~ laurie

16 thoughts on “My Morning Coffee

  1. Great updated look – is that TWD pecan pie I see? Glad to see you back into the swing of things – new look, new name, new year – it all fits together perfectly.

    Happy New Year!

  2. mikejdunlap

    Happy New Name and Look! And 2010 as well. A big thanks for starting TWD! There’s so many that get a lot of enjoyment out of baking each week, myself included!

  3. Wonderful to see you again! I have started up again, too – I need to start doing TWD too – My mom gifted me with her ‘Baking’ book so I can join in! Cheers and Happy New Year, Laurie!

  4. Dawn

    Thank you for posting again. I missed your posts; you remind me of my own sister and her 4 year old son Liam. I look forward to the inspiration that 2010 is bringing to you.

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