Tuesdays with Dorie: Tarte Fine


Tarte Fine. This was so easy to throw together! Why was I dragging my feet? I need a TWD member to get up in my grill and harass me about blogging. I make 85% of the recipes along with the group. But, I rarely blog them. What is my problem? For reals, if someone wants to harass me about blogging, please do. You have my email addy. Please. I beg you.

This tart kind of made my day.

I’m about to get serious here, so if you are having a really good day and want to move along and not hear some heavy stuff, move along now. Now. Okay, Ive been reading almost non-stop for days about biomedical treatments for autism and it is blowing my mind. I have been having a rough time sleeping because my head is so full from all this new alternative therapy junk I have filled it with. I do not like to get political, at least not in public, but I read 2 books this weekend and they were eye openers. The website generationrescue.com also blew my mind. And talkaboutcuringautism.org is another one. WOW! Waiting to talk to the Neuro about everything I have learned and possibly putting Colby on a new diet. We will see! It is hard being truly hopeful. But really, what other choice is there?

Next on my list today was my middle boy, Brody getting bullied on the bus. A kid is hitting the hell out of him. Last year, Liam has several altercations with this bullys older brother. What the hell? How do parents turn a blind eye to their children physically harming another child? I was furious. So, I called the kids parent. This is how it went..


“May I speak with your mother please?”


The daughter hung up on me. A call was placed to the principal instead.

Like I said, the Tarte Fine made my day.

Check out Leslie at Lethally Delicious for the recipe and the TWD blog for more day makers.

7 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Tarte Fine

  1. Your tarte looks delicious! I wish I still had some here. Sorry to hear about the bullying issues; I hope things get better quickly. And hopefully wrapping your brain around all the medical info will get easier, too.

  2. This saddened me. I am sorry about the bullying. I tell my boys never to bully and read the stories about it in the news. The most recent one here was yesterday. An 8 th grade took his life. He was getting bullied at school and the school was turning a blind eye. It is very serious. i tell my boys to tell me asap if bullies ever make them miserable. So far, it has not happened. They know I mean business. Last year, these boys did try to make fun of their bikes. I went out to meet these boys and said if my boys came home and told me that they did that again, I would take care of them and their parents because i was from a bad side of town, not a nice suburban area, and that is how we take care of things. They never made fun of them again and befriended them. Maybe not the best way, but let them know they are not at the top of the totem pole. Good luck with everything.

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