Brand New Event: Layers of Cake

The other night I was browsing Food & Wine Mag online. I was telling CB how they had sooo many great looking layer cakes. I love layer cakes, but… I need a lot more work with mine. I think its a skill I have not yet picked up on. I figured there must be more people like me that want to get better at making layer cakes, or who just enjoy making them. Layers of Cake was born.

This event is easy, easy, easy. Well, as far as rules go. (In comparison to TWD)

The rules of Layers of Cake are:

  • Pick a recipe for a layer cake
  • Bake said layer cake
  • Post by the last day of the month
  • Send me a link to the post at superslush AT

Thats it. Pick a recipe, make a layer cake, have a photo session, post it, email it in.

Since it is so late in July, lets shoot for the last day in August, Sunday the 31st. Try to put Layers of Cake in the subject, or even LoC for those of you who like to shorten everything. I get too much email and it will help me spot them quicker. Thankyouverymuch.

Now, go pick out a layer cake recipe and bake it up. Im going to make this or this. But hell, your the one making the cake, make whatever you want!

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  1. Erin

    That sounds like a really fun event! I vote that you make the pumpkin cake :) I can’t wait to see all the decadent cakes!

  2. Mara

    are you seriously taking on MORE??? you are like super wonder woman…i can’t believe it.

    on that note, i tagged you on my blog, check it out in your spare time :)

  3. Tania

    Can’t wait to get started! My Mom is coming to visit – so there is my excuse to bake (as if I needed one!)!
    Thanks for doing this – it’s going to be fun!

  4. Sihan

    sounds great! i’ve got a frens bdae coming up so its a wonderful opportunity to bake this cake!

    thanks for thinking of this wonderful event!

  5. grace

    events come and go, but this…this is stellar. i absolutely can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with, and don’t you worry, i’ll have one of my own in the mix. :)

  6. diningduo

    I would love to participate in this! My layer cake skills are quite lacking so the practice would be great for me.

  7. Madam Chow

    This sounds like fun. I dislike cake -really, I do. But I actually like putting them together, and I need a lot more practice, since my husband LOVES cake. Great idea!

  8. Emily

    Hello! I got the link to this event from a blog called “Good eats ‘n’ sweet treats”
    I’ll definitely be joining in!! I don’t know how you’re going to decide between the two cakes you linked, I certainly can’t ;) I’m going to find a recipe with bananas, i think… I’ve had a sudden craving for them recently. Bring it on!

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  11. sherry

    just stumbled on your blog. very nice. i am going to attempt some of your recipes and even submit something for layers of cake, i need the practice. (i vote for the milk chocolate, peanut butter cake) … cheers!

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  15. Laura Niemi

    LoC is a great event, I love baking cakes. I can’t wait to join in next time. sadly i didn’t see the post until now, but i will definitely join in LoC for september!

    Laura Niemi

  16. Ingrid

    Are you still hosting the layers of cake event for this month? Jaime mentioned submiting a layered cake that I had made but I wasn’t certain of the particulars.
    Thank you!

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