Tuesdays with Dorie: Swedish Visiting Cake


I didnt eat much of this, but Jaos did. He said it tasty like a sugar cookie. It didnt rise at all, which made it rather thin when I realized my skillet is 10 inches. Whoops!

It stuck a little to the pan. Double whoops! Check out the other skillet sugar cookies at the TWD blog. Thanks to Nancy for picking such an easy one to throw together!

21 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Swedish Visiting Cake

  1. I’m okay with a giant sugar cookie! I got a fat little cake by using a 6″ pan. Oh, and Pens vs Sens? Most agree the Pens are going to mop up the igloo with my team, but still friends, eh?

  2. What a great new name for this dish. It truly looks like a sugar cookie! I’ve yet to try the skillet method (of which I’m sure I will)! It was the best cake….er… cookie, don’t you think?

  3. Mine didn’t stick to the cast iron at all and this cake/cookie was devoured here. It was good, but give me decadent chocolate cake with ganache instead, please. 😉

  4. Now you know I am TOTALLY down with the skillet sugar cookie but… Are you an almond hater?? You need the almonds chicka. They were such a yummy crunch to the crust. Trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong before? (Let’s not mention white chocolate anything mkay thanx bye.)

  5. Mine was a bit thicker but it still reminded me of an almond sugar cookie. I’m glad your hubs liked it. Yay for easy recipes, especially when life gets crazy, right? Thanks for baking along with me this week and THANKS for TWD!!!

  6. I made mine in a 10″ skillet too, and while it was thin, it didn’t stick to the pan. Guess that was the half of stick of butter I used to grease the pan with. 🙂 Yours still looks good.

  7. Cookie or cake, I bet it was delicious! This is rather late, but I have to say I really love this recipe a lot! Quick and easy! I also had a larger skillet (11 3/4″ I think) and even though I had increased the portion by 1.5 times, it was still somewhat flat. So YAY to low-profile Swedish Visiting Cake!

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